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The Kingdom Advancement Project is all about spreading the Gospel, and in order to meet the needs of those in which we are helping, we would love for you to support us with a donation. If your heart is on fire for missions as ours is, please pray to see how you could help share the gospel, or help us in doing so. We appreciate all of your support and dedication in sharing the name of Christ with the nations! If you would like to make a donation, please click one of the Donate Links or visit the Donate Page. 



There are many ways you can get involved with missions! Check with your church to see if there are any mission teams that may need help, reach out to the International Missions Board to see what programs they offer, or if you live near the Valdosta, Georgia area send us a message! If traveling abroad is not what is on your heart, there are still volunteer opportunites to support, such as local mission events, or helping with events that directly support our teams like garage sales and collecting items for us to take!


Therefore go and make disciples of all nations...

-Matthew 28:19 NIV

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